Zamir Dhanji: The Centre Hole

We are living in an age of synthesis. The greatest synthesis of all is the bridging of the inner and outer worlds – the worlds of spirit and matter. The individual of the future, the one who will be the gift that we wish to receive in the world, will be the whole human-being. A being capable of sourcing their actions from the inner world of their intuition, communication from the understanding within their heart, knowledge from the knowing wisdom centre of their mind and presence from the connection to their soul.

How do we create this possibility in our youth? They already come with this possibility, but their limitations must be cast aside. They must be seen with ‘eyes that can see and with ears that can hear’ the budding potential yearning to bloom. This is the true meaning of ‘education”, to educe, to draw out what is latent within and allow it to be molded by the inspiration and experiences of the individual soul. I have come to see that this work is a greater responsibility than I have ever imagined – it is a spiritual work that asks us to be midwives of a consciously evolving being.

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Zamir Dhanji: The Centre HoleAbout the Author: ZAMIR DHANJI

Zamir Dhanji is a dharma artist who works with music, poetry, storytelling and cutting-edge scholarship. He graduated with a concentration in Spiritual Economics from New York University, his thesis, titled “Holism and human evolution”, explored the relationship between holistic thinking and our views on nature and evolution. Program director for the Teen Journey Society and founder of Akasha Arts, his passion is in synthesizing art, science and spirituality to support the emergence of an evolutionary culture.


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