Aga Khan University’s Doctors Alumni team establish Child Care Endowment Fund

Aga Khan University's Doctors establish Child Care Endowment Fund
President Firoz Rasul and Dr Babar Hasan shake hands after the gift-signing ceremony (AKU)

Karachi, January 29, 2016: The Aga Khan University Medical College’s Class of 1999 has donated US$ 350,000 for an Endowment Fund for child care, which will allow the Aga Khan University Hospital to provide financial assistance and support to needy children from semi-urban and rural communities in Pakistan.

At the gift signing agreement ceremony, AKU President Firoz Rasul said that the gift comes at a particularly fitting time in the University’s history. “We have the medical professionals and facilities that allow us to treat premature babies, infants and children with very complex health problems. This contribution to our endowment will help us in treating the sickest and most fragile babies in our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the only one of its kind in Pakistan.”

He noted that since 2013, the University Hospital has provided Rs 30.5 million to over 3,200 children to access quality healthcare.

Spearheaded by the Class of 1999 representative Dr Babar Hasan and assisted by Dr Rizwan Khalid, Dr Sharmeen Feerasta, Dr Kamran Karimi and Dr Shabana Naz, and the support of 67 per cent of the class, the Paediatric Welfare Endowment will provide hope for the thousands of children in Pakistan, both as hospital patients and in the clinics. It will support children who require heart surgery at AKUH, which is the only centre performing complex surgeries using minimally invasive approaches.

Dr Hasan noted, “Paediatric care is most neglected in developing countries. This is why the Class of 1999 decided to support the Paediatric Welfare Fund. All of us feel that AKU has played a major role in shaping our present – thank you for helping us reach where are today”.

“The Medical College Class of 1999 plans to grow the fund and looks to other alumni to contribute to the fund”, he added.

The ceremony was also attended by the class’s favourite instructor Dr Perwaiz Iqbal.

Source: Aga Khan University News

Author: ismailimail

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One thought

  1. It is indeed heartwarming to read of the Alumni contributing to various AKU projects. However I am reminded of the fact that the size of population and its growth rate makes it all most apparent how difficult it is and will be, to meet the needs of a vast majority of the people. This reminds me of a quote, Prevention is better than a cure. Hippocrates who developed the oath sworn by Doctors to DO NO HARM and so on, also gave another quote Your medicine is in your food, which emphasised the importance of diet and nutrition which is neglected in the teaching of medicine which somehow has evolved into a system of pushing pills to attack symptoms rather than the cause of the illness and risks reducing patients to being guinea pigs for the drug industry. Even agriculture, the source of Nutritous food has evolved from its original ORGANIC roots into soil destroying, water consuming, chemical-laced food leading to OBESITY linked diseases through the heavy machinery employed and less man-hours dedicated to physical effort to produce. Technology instead of being a servant for the profession has changed into an Ogre leading to the profession for the minority at the cost of the majority.


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