Dolly’s Cookbook launched by Zeenaz Gourmet Products

Dolly's Cookbook launched by Zeenaz Gourmet ProductsYears in the making, I am very proud to complete and officially launch my cookbook.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank my daughter,  Jinu who was instrumental in helping me to accomplish this. I could not have done it without her help.  

Cooking and family is my joy and I am hopeful that you all get the same enjoyment as I do in using these recipes to bring your respective families together.  

Dolly's Cookbook launched by Zeenaz Gourmet ProductsDolly first learned the basics of cooking from her father in Tanzania at a very young age and continued to pick up new skills simply by watching others. She was blessed with a natural sense of creativity and trained as a seamstress and designer. While going on to teach those crafts in Dar-es-Salaam, her passion for experimenting with different flavours in the kitchen was never far behind. In 1962, she married Sadru Pisani and thirteen years later they immigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They opened Zeenaz in 1985, fulfilling their dream of bringing Vancouver its first taste of East African-style Indian cuisine. It was truly a family affair: Sadru’s entrepreneurial spirit, Dolly’s incredible cooking talent and even the restaurant’s name which fuses those of their children and grandchildren.

Source: Dolly’s Cookbook | Zeenaz Gourmet Products


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One thought

  1. Amazing Cookbook!! We are enjoying it everyday!:). Thank you.
    We love you dearly our Dolly aunty and Sadru Uncle.
    Poonja’s from CA


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