AKDN ShakeOut – Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills: Drop, Cover and Hold On

Aga Khan Development Network ShakeOut

The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) ShakeOut is a multi-country earthquake drill spanning over 20 countries designed to educate people on how to protect themselves during an earthquake, and how to get prepared.

Great Shakeout - AKDNThe AKDN has been participating in the drill since 2011 – an initiative conceived as part of AKDN’s collaboration with California’s Office of Emergency Services under the Agreement of Cooperation between the Ismaili Imamat and the State of California.

Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) manages the AKDN ShakeOut drill, which took place in 20 countries and 1,611 facilities in 2014. More than 300,000 people, including AKDN staff, volunteers, students, organizations, community members, men and women participated in the 2014 AKDN ShakeOut drill.

Drop, Cover and Hold On,” method provides simple yet effective steps and is considered by emergency management experts and preparedness organizations as the appropriate action to reduce injury and loss of life during an earthquake.

Over 43.4 million people are currently registered to participate in this year’s Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills

AKDN - Great Shakeout - PostersAKDN ShakeOut Posters

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