Jalal Ladak – Host of the Radio Program Salaam Namaste Calgary

Jalal Ladak (left) Salma Jadavjoio  and Akba‎r Herao
Jalal Ladak (left) Salma Jadavji and Akba‎r Herao

Jalal Ladak is the host of the radio program Salaam Namaste Calgary which is broadcast on Sabrang 94.7 FM Calgary on Tuesdays from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. mountain time. Jalal was born in Karachi, Pakistan, where he received his education and was an active member of the local Cubs, Scouts, and Rovers associations. During his youth, Jalal was interested in the arts and participated in numerous plays and musical performances.

Subsequent to immigrating to Calgary, Canada in 1991, Jalal pursued his hobby in the arts as a radio host. In 2010, he hosted his first radio program, Salam Namaste Calgary, on Sabrang radio and is now a regular host of this segment. The show promotes local guests from a variety of fields as well as local artists such as Bashir Somani, Barkat Ali, Altaz Ek Jhalak, Zain Walji, Rishma Manji, Neelam Makhani, and Cimone Rajan. A prominent guest on this program was Salim Merchant, of the famous Salim-Sulaiman duo, who participated via telephone during their North American tour in 2014.

Other guests include members of the Aga Khan Foundation’s World Partnership Walk as well as Aga Khan Development Network to talk about the work of these organizations around the world. His co-hosts include Salma Jadavji and Akbar Herao.

In addition to an interest in the arts, Jalal enjoys playing table tennis and participated in the Canadian Ismaili Games, winning a silver medal in the men’s doubles in Edmonton, Canada.

Jalal is married to Laila and they have two children: son Reese and daughter Aira.


Foursome From Houston-Guests on Salam Namaste

Kamal Haji , Samira, Jeff, Aziz with Salim Merchant
Kamal Haji , Samira, Jeff, Aziz with Salim Merchant

The foursome from Houston, Texas, are: Samira Noorali (composer, vocalist, pianist, author), Kamal Haji (composer, keyboardist, performer), Jeff Ali (producer, composer, percussionist) and Aziz DJ Scoop (performer). The group got the opportunity of a lifetime in November 2014 to compose and produce a Bollywood song with Salim Merchant of the Salim-Sulaiman duo; the song was for the movie UnIndian.

The group talked to Jalal and Akbar on the radio show Salam Namaste Calgary on Sabrang radio 94.7 FM, Calgary on February 3, 2015. They talked about the intense, exciting eight-hour session with the maestro, Salim Merchant. They said they were humbled by the opportunity to work with Salim and were looking forward to more collaborations in the future.

These four talented artists work independently as well as with one another on various projects that include performances as well as teaching music.

The program, Salam Namaste Calgary, airs on Tuesdays from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. mountain time.

Reported by the host of the program, Jalal Ladak

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