Going home to Moshi, Tanzania | Munira Premji: I WILL SURVIVE

Going home to Moshi, Tanzania | Munira Premji: I WILL SURVIVEGame changer. Builder. Great sense of humour. Kind. Jolly. Resourceful. Creative. Hard worker. Smart. People person. Go to Guy. A pillar.

Those are the words people used to describe my dad. The last time I saw my dad was when I was 20. He was 50. Two years later, he passed away and I went to his funeral. On Christmas Day, I went back to Moshi, my home town, after 32 years. It was an emotional and exhilarating visit.

Everything in Moshi was the same and different. What struck me most about Moshi was its cleanliness. And then I found out that Moshi is indeed the cleanest city in all of Tanzania. A few years ago, the officials in Moshi imposed a 50,000 shilling ($30) fine on anyone who littered the street, including spitting in the streets, and it is obviously working.

Much as I tried, I could not find my bearings and it took Shafiq Didarali, a friend and a native of Moshi, to drive me through town and patiently show me around.

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Author: ismailimail

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  1. I wish they would do that here so people would stop littering. I found not only take out containers everywhere in a salmon creek near me, but even a binder and once a shopping cart. It’s depressing when many don’t appreciate our beautiful world.


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