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 Khoja Allidina VisramVisram was well known for his immense philanthropy. He inspired thousands of peasants to immigrate from Kutch for a better future, and 90% of Ismailis settled in Uganda and Kenya owe him all that they are today .

Visram sponsored schools, hospitals and jamat khanas. Aga Khan III bestowed upon him the title of ‘Varas,  Vazier’, a first to any Indian.

Upon his passing away on June 30, 1916, a street in Kampala was named after him and his son Varas Abdul built a high school to commemorate the name of Allidina Visram – pioneer of prosperity in East Africa.

Uganda Asians, by Vali Jamal: Allidina Visram and Rashid Khamis
Uganda Asians, by Vali Jamal: Allidina Visram and Rashid Khamis

By Ashleshaa Khurana, TNN | Jan 10, 2015, 07.23AM IST

SURAT: As businessmen from across the world arrive for the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’ Summit beginning this Sunday, here is the story of an original globetrotter, who sailed on a dhow and made his fortunes on foreign lands, only to use them in the favour of interracial community service.

Khoja Allidina Visram, born in 1851 at Kera, 22 km from Bhuj, sailed to Zanzibar at the age of 12, to serve as an assistant to businessman Sewa Haji (Paroo) in 1863.Quick to learn the tricks of the trade, he set up his own caravans into the interiors, this further helped him establish his firm in several places from Dar-es-Salaam to Ujji to Congo. Functioning on a barter system of trade, he ex changed cloth, salt and grains against local produce such as cloves, wax, and honey .

He employed thousands of Hindus, Muslims and Africans.

Read the complete story at Bhuj boy turned African trade pioneer – The Times of India.

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