An indomitable philanthropist – Dr A Q Khan’s review of Sadruddin Haswani’s Memoirs

Hashwani belongs to the Ismaili sect (Agha Khani) and is a religious person.

It is probably due to his strong faith that he was able to deal with the tremendous odds that came his way.

– Dr A Q Khan

An indomitable philanthropist - Dr A Q Khan's review of Sadruddin Haswani's MemoirsDr A Q Khan, Published Monday, December 22, 2014

Previously I wrote about those patriotic, competent Pakistanis who helped give Pakistan an impregnable defence through nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

Today I will introduce you to a well known businessman and philanthropist, Sadruddin Hashwani. Most people only associate him with the PC and Marriott hotels, but he is involved in many other business ventures, and, above all, many philanthropic activities.

Unlike some other philanthropists who are only out to get maximum publicity, Hashwani never seeks publicity for the welfare activities undertaken by him and his kind-hearted, graceful daughter, Sarah.

I have known Hashwani for almost four decades.

Read complete story at The News – International | An indomitable philanthropist – Dr A Q Khan.

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