Anar Simpson, Technovation’s Global Ambassador invites you to the Technovation Challenge

Last year Anar Simpson shared the path that led her to Technovation. Fast forward one year – the Technovation program has doubled in size with amazing opportunities for young women around the world to work toward their vision of changing the world!


An invitation from Anar

Today I want to share the amazing projects these young women have created through the program.

The young women are encouraged to create apps that address a problem within their own community. Many of the problems are basic human struggles,such as stress, fitting in, and uncertainty.

But the triggers and solutions vary greatly across communities.  The stress of living in a slum is very different than the stress of being in an affluent high school, which leads to amazingly diverse apps to help people navigate through their world.

The group that wins the competition gets resources to develop their app for the market; something that I would have loved as a student.

Many of the 2014 apps can be seen here:

What continues to inspire me about this program is the quality and calibre of apps which are solving real problems all around the world.

In 2013, Technovation had participation (signups) from 19 countries and in 2014 we more than doubled that to participation from 45 countries!

The curriculum is on-line and free. The experience is amazing and every middle and high school girl should have a chance to get the experience of this program.

Today, I’m asking each of you to become a mentor for the 2015 cycle (you will learn app development along-side the girls and model life-long learning with them) and grow the STEM pipeline with more women. (2015 Mentor Information). I hope you will join me in this journey, to change the world by encouraging and supporting others in this very technology pervasive world, whether with the Technovation Challenge or other programs that speak to you, and be a part of the global community of women supporting tomorrow’s women.

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