Hussein Charania Photos | Spotlight on Mausoleum of Saiyad Imamshah – Pirana, Gujarat, India

Over the past few years, Hussein has been fortunate to travel to many countries to volunteer and/or visit projects of Ismaili Imamat (including in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, India, East Africa, and others).

Ismailimail is delighted to share from his collection, this photograph of the Mausoleum of Saiyad Imamshah in Pirana, Gujarat. Saiyad Imamshah was an author of many Ismaili Ginans (see details below).

Hussein has started to post a photo each week day at: and Ismailimail encourages our readers to subscribe to Hussein’s website and discover, explore and learn more from this amazing resource.

More at via Mausoleum of Saiyad Imamshah, Pirana, Gujarat, India.

Mausoleum of Saiyad Imamshah. Pirana, Gujarat | Hussein Charania Photos
Mausoleum of Saiyad Imamshah. Pirana, Gujarat, India | Hussein Charania Photos

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About Saiyad Imamshah

Saiyad Imamshah, one of Pir Hasan Kabirdin’s sons, is reputed to have been a charismatic preacher and an author of numerous interesting ginans. He is revered by the Imamshahi community, named after him, who do not recognise the Ismaili Imamat, while revering the same corpus of ginans attributed to the above-mentioned Pirs and, of course, to Imamshah himself. Modern scholars, however, are of the opinion that the origin of the Imamshahi sect is to be attributed not to Imamshah but to his son, Nurmohamed Shah (or perhaps to other descendants of his), and retrospectively projected onto the figure of Imamshah himself.

Via the Institute of Ismaili Studies


Listen to the ginan Ada thaki ek suna nipaya – Attributed to Saiyad Imam Shah

  Was brought forth the Void.
  From the Void 
  Was brought forth the Word.

  He will proceed to hell,
  He who sports the earring
  But has no hold 
  Over his self.

  He smears ash,
  Makes people fall at his feet,
  But knows nothing
  Of the Word of perfection.

  He blows the horn,
  And splits the ear,
  But knows nothing
  Of the divine Word.

  He wears his hair long,
  A wild and shaggy mat,
  But knows nothing
  Of salvation's mystery.

  The sixty-eight shrines
  Are rock and water -
  You will gain nothing there.

  Says Pir Indra Imamshah,
  Listen, my jogi friend, if only
  You found a master,
  Your problems
  Would come to an end.

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