Support & Vote for Inspiring Leadership | Calgary’s Mayor Naheed Nenshi – World Mayor 2014

Ismailimail highlights the third of 4 posts today, seeking support from our readers to vote for some inspiring people and organization as they continue in their quest for excellence and making a difference.

Canada’s only candidate, Calgary’s Mayor Naheed Nenshi has been short-listed for global recognition by the City Mayors Foundation. The London based philanthropic organization, released its final 26 nominees from its list of 121 mayors up for consideration, for the bi-annual World Mayor Prize to be awarded in January next year. Voting closes on October 31st, 2014.

Presenting Mayor Naheed Nenshi:

Naheed Nenshi, the young charismatic mayor of Calgary – Canada’s fourth largest city, has gained authority despite his young age thanks to his charisma, humor and projects in the conservative city.

“In Canada and in particularly in Calgary, it’s possible to do and to be anything regardless of where you come from,”

– Mayor Naheed Nenshi

When Naheed Nenshi was elected in 2010 as mayor of Calgary, Alberta, he became the first Muslim mayor of a major city in North America. This is all the more notable considering many view Calgary as Canada’s most conservative city. In an interview earlier this summer, Nenshi said that the topic of his background has rarely been raised by voters in Calgary, as they are much more interested in his plans for the city.

While Nenshi has faced significant opposition, such as from powerful real estate developers, he nonetheless landed the number two spot – just behind Prime Minister Stephen Harper – in the 2013 ranking of Canada’s most powerful people from the news magazine Maclean’s.

The World Mayor Prize, a symbol for the achievements of mayors worldwide.
The World Mayor Prize, a symbol for the achievements of mayors worldwide.

World Mayor 2014 – Vote now – Every vote counts

Voting is now taking place for the winner of the 2014 World Mayor Prize and the runner-ups. You are invited to vote by email – from the list of 26 finalists below – for the mayor you believe most worthy of the Prize and comment on his or her achievements. Please describe, preferably in English, why the mayor you voted for deserves to win the World Mayor Prize. Voting closes on 31 October 2014. PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR CANDIDATE NOW

Finalists from North America
Mayor of Calgary, Canada – Mayor Naheed Nenshi
• Mayor of Houston, USA
• Mayor of Oklahoma City, USA
• Mayor of Sacramento, USA


World Mayor - Mayor Naheed NenshiMayor Naheed Nenshi, Calgary, Canada
Support the candidacy of Mayor Nenshi by emailing us your reasons why he should win the 2014 World Mayor Prize. Please insert ‘Calgary Nenshi’ in the subject line and provide your name at the end of your testimonial. It can be your full name, first name or initials. Also tell us where you live. (Mayor Nenshi has signed up to the Code of Ethics)

Voting closes in October 31st, 2014


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