Aga Khan University Capacity Building | Chitral News: Another Chitrali earns PhD degree

AKU-IEDChitral — Another talented Chitrali, Tajuddin successfully defended his PhD thesis in a public defense attended by the national and international examiners, supervisory committee, professors and students at the Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED). The topic of his PhD Thesis was ‘Manifestation of global education in national curriculum – A case study of developing students’ Global perspectives in Chitral’.

He completed his study under the supervision of a prominent educationist and scholar, Professor Muhammad Memon, as Principal Supervisor and Professor Dip Kapoor from University of Alberta, Canada as co-supervisor. The thesis was examined by two international professors from Canada and a national professor from Lahore.

Mr Tajuddin belongs to Shahgram, Torkhow. He was a school teacher when he joined AKU-IED to do his MEd. After completing his MEd, he worked as a faculty at the Aga Khan University’s Professional Development Centre in Chitral. In 2009, he was selected for the PhD Program at AKU-IED, which he has now successfully completed.

It is worth mentioning that two other Chitrali students (Ms Nazima Zain from Mulkhow and Mr Riaz Hussain from Madaklasht) are also doing their PhD at AKU-IED and they will complete their studies by next year-Inshah Allah! — Fida Muhammad, 03 Oct 2014



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