The Silk Road – Medieval World Wide Web

The Silk Road - Medieval World Wide WebThe Silk Road was an ancient network of routes stretching for over six thousand miles from China across Central Asia to the Middle East and the Mediterranean. For centuries, people travelled across the Silk Road carrying with them their commodities, music, poetry, and stories, which resulted in an incredible mix of Asian, Mediterranean, and European cultures. Similar to the World Wide Web, the Silk Road connected diverse communities across long distances.

Regular trade activity along the Silk Road began around 100 B.C. when traders travelled to China to obtain silk, invented there around 3000 B.C. The highly valued silk cloth was also exported to Central Asia, where it was traded for goods. Most traders only went part of the way, sold their goods, and returned home. Others would carry the goods along the next stage of the trip. Hence, goods and ideas travelled farther than people did, contributing to the development of the major civilizations.

Researched by Nimira Dewji


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