Lynn Burns RPHN: Amazing Recipes from Ismaili Nutrition Centre

Pump up the pulses to control diabetes
The fibre, complex carbohydrates and protein in pulses are a great combination for satisfying hunger and keeping you full, helping you to eat less overall and preventing your blood sugar from spiking too often. Photo: CanStockPhoto/TheIsmaili

I was at a Nutritionists in Industry seminar on Thursday – the focus of the day was mainly diabetes. It was a fab day – thanks to the organisers. One group of the British population that are particularly at risk from diabetes is our South Asian community. Azmina Govindji, a renowned dietitian that has appeared in the media many times representing nutrition and dietetics and who has done an incredible amount of work to improve the communication of food related health information, told us about several pieces of work relating to improving diet within this group particularly focusing on reducing risk of diabetes.

Some years ago Azmina was involved in producing nutrition tables for a range of Asian traditional recipes to help dietitians working with the Asian community to analyse food intakes. The recipes that were used have been turned into a nutrition resource by the Ismaili Centre. It is fantastic.



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