Rahim Hirani: AKU-EB Alumnus, Hampshire College, USA

Rahim Hirani’s story of academic excellence, is highly inspirational. We are presenting it in his own words:

Rahim Hirani: AKU-EB Alumnus, Hampshire College, USA
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My name is Rahim Hirani and I am from Pakistan. Currently I am studying in the USA as an international student.

I always wanted to study abroad as part of my higher education, in order to excel in my studies and personal life. I was really focused towards my ambitions. The only hurdle between my goals and ambitions, was the financial barrier, as typically faced by many. I was told by everyone, even the educational agencies, that there are no scholarships available that can meet my financial requirements.

I worked hard and searched everywhere possible. After several examinations and interviews, I got the reward for my hard work and not only got admission in Hampshire college, one of the leading Liberal Arts school in the USA, but managed to get a scholarship of $40,000/year (for 4 years) towards my education.

Further, I also received $10,000/year in recognition of my extra curricular activities.

In recognition, Aga Khan University Examination Board published my achievement in their yearly calendar.

I intend to become a cardiologist and do social work upon my return to Pakistan. My dream is to establish a liberal arts school in Pakistan (currently there is no liberal arts school in Pakistan).

You may find Rahim’s story in the month of June as published in this calendar: http://examinationboard.aku.edu/aboutakueb/whatsnewateb/News/Documents/calendar-2014.pdf

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