Mohammad N. Miraly: Partners in Pluralism: Why the Aga Khan loves Canada

Mohammad N. Miraly: Partners in Pluralism: Why the Aga Khan loves CanadaThe Aga Khan’s love for Canada is the sort of love shared by two friends who always know what the other is thinking. Canada is a place that shares wholeheartedly the Aga Khan’s vision for a global community built on the values of pluralism, education, and social action.

As the first religious leader to address Canada’s Parliament, it was perhaps appropriate that the Aga Khan’s parting words on 27 February were a verse from the Qur’an. The verse – which says that humankind was ‘created from a single soul’ – voices a sentiment the Aga Khan called the most ‘beautiful expression about the unity of the human race’ he knows.

The Aga Khan’s respect for pluralism comes not only from his practical experience as the head of the world’s largest development network, but also from his religious commitments. ‘It grows out of the age-old Islamic ethic,’ he said in his Address, ‘committed to goals with universal relevance: the elimination of poverty, access to education, and social peace in a pluralist environment.’

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