Ismaili Centre Toronto, expected to open this year

Ismaili Centre Toronto, expected to open this yearJohn Parker (Ward 26) says online he was talking to the Aga Khan IV on Friday (February 28, 2014) during the religious leader’s visit to Canada last week. Mr. Parker’s ward contains the nearly completed cultural centre and park devoted to the history and culture of the Ismaili Shia denomination of Islam. It is expected to open this year.

The Aga Khan asked Parker to make sure that local people understood that this park was also their park.

It was a pleasant democratic sentiment coming from this supreme religious leader.


I want to say also, that in the next months, Toronto will come up on our radar screen of great cities around the world. Today I have in front of me the best of civil society and I want you to know how happy and proud I am that, in a few months time, we will open a new Ismaili Centre here in Toronto and a new museum.

His Highness the Aga Khan’s Address at Massey Hall (Toronto, Canada)

Another immediate initiative is the Aga Khan Museum which will open this year in Toronto, an important testimonial in a Canadian setting to the immense diversity of Islamic cultures.

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