Aga Khan’s Constellation of Accolades – Over 200 honors from 50 countries

“We are honouring an exceptional man. We are honouring a great friend of humanity, a courageous visionary, a builder of bridges between religions and society.


His Excellency Dr. Frank Walter Steinmeier, German  Foreign Minister, on presenting the 2006 Tolerance Award of the Evangelical Academy of Tutzing, Germany – May 20, 2006

A Portrait of World Power (Vanity Fair/ Helmut Newton)


The Constellation of Accolades represents the various appointments, awards, honours, and tributes His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan has been endowed with over the course of his 56 years Imamat. Spanning various areas of human endeavor, addressing multiple and complex issues, these accolades are a testimony of the esteem, influence, respect and support the Aga Khan commands the world over.

We have introduced this post with a quote from Germany’s Foreign Minister to capture the sentiment echoed the world over.

Additional quotes from the Aga Khan reflect the mandate of his responsibilities.

The Constellation of Accolades Matrix is a work in progress and by no means captures the total extent of the Aga Khan’s work. We encourage further investigation by our patrons to uncover the scope of the Aga Khan’s contribution to humanity.

The matrix in summary, reiterates the accolades via breakdown by country.

  • 28 Title & State Decorations;
  • 21 Honorary Degrees from universities representing the US Ivy League, Canadian Group of 13, UK’s Russell Group, and others;
  • 16 Civic Honours including Honorary Citizenship of Canada and several “Key to the City” & “Freedom of the City”;
  • 12 Fellowships and Executive Appointments representing 9 investures as Foreign Member to several state academies (for the creation of new knowledge – promoting research and stimulating the enhancement of thought, literature, language and other forms of national culture) and 3 Leadership posts at influential European Institutions to promote diplomacy, culture and development;
  • 30 Awards spanning domains such as architecture and the built environment, restoration and the revival of culture, education, health, diplomacy and peace, philanthropy, sports, corporate enterprise;
  • 73 Keynote/Presidential Addresses to various UN organizations, several government organizations including parliaments, and other international organizations; and
  • 54 Commemorative Stamps issued by 11 different National Philatelic Societies to mark the Aga Khan’s significant events and milestone.

Aga Khan IV – Constellation of Accolades Matrix

Aga Khan's Constellation of Accolades - Over 200 honors from 50 countries and counting …
Click the image for the latest edition of the Matrix and details on the Constellation of Honours – His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV


“When I assumed the responsibilities of the Imamat in 1957, I was eager — as I still am — to see that the countries where my followers live are sound and stable, that they are countries with clear development horizons, countries where, following my grandfather’s example, I could help to underwrite the integrity of the state and to contribute to improving the quality of life for all communities, not just my own. I hoped to help bridge the gulf between the developed and the developing worlds. This aspiration, I felt, was particularly appropriate to the Imamat because of its commitment to broad social objectives without political connotations, save in its concern for the fundamental freedom of its followers to practise the faith of their choice.


His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan at the dinner hosted by the Council for Malaysia and Singapore, Singapore – January 9, 1983

“The ethics of Islam enjoin all believers, individually or through institutions such as the Ismaili Imamat, to assist the poor, the isolated, and the marginalised to improve their current circumstances and future prospects.


Through the Imamat, I have tried to respond to this responsibility by creating a group of private, non-denominational agencies the Aga Khan Development Network – to respond to the needs and potential of people living in some of the poorest parts of the world, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, or religion.”


His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan, World Mountain Forum UNESCO, Paris, France – June 5, 2000


Inviting curiosity, additional research reveals that the Aga Khan has also had notable engagements at the International Global Zero Summit against Nuclear Weapons, in addition to expanding regional framework of drug-control cooperation against illicit drug trafficking in Central Asia with the Russian Federation. These are but two examples of activities that are not captured with the matrix. We shall endeavor to bring these and many other findings to light in our future series.

As a point of departure, we conclude with a citation to His Highness Prince Aga Khan:

“By your peerless example of tolerance and compassion, we are proud to have you count as a member of the University of Toronto family … it is deeply moving and appropriate for us to welcome as an honorary graduate a man who is perhaps the only person in the world to whom everyone listens.”


–  the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, Canada’s 26th Governor General

His Highness Prince Aga Khan was bestowed with the degree of Doctor of Sacred Letters, honoris causa, by University of Toronto’s Trinity College exactly three month to this date.

Download the Ismailimail Special Supplement – AKIV Constellation of Accolades


The context by which the Constellation of Accolades Matrix has been conceived is to inform and inspire the audience of the works of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him.

Aga Khan’s Constellation of Accolades – Over 200 honors from 50 countries has been exclusively prepared for Ismailimail by ASJM.

The content of this post is exclusively written for Ismailimail. No distribution is permitted without permission. Contact the blog owners at if you are seeking permission to reproduce the material.


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5 thoughts

  1. This is sooo humbling experience. The world is searching for a leader. They would yearn to love to have the Agakhan the greatest Imam in the history of Ismaili muslims who cherish him gratefully. Keeping muslim ummah united… mubraki to all Ismaili brothers & sisters & heartfelt thanks to MALIK MERCHANT WHO TIRELESSLY KEEP THE JAMAT AWARE OF HIS CONTRIBUTION & ISMAILIMAIL & SIMERG…..MOWLA KEEP YOU ALL SAFE/HAPPY & HEALTHY.AMEEN….


  2. I made the point in some of my articles in relation to HH’s speech at the joint houses of parliament in Canada that the Aga Khan has received more honours from Canada than from any other country. Now we get this table where we see USA, UK, France and Pakistan surpass Canada – but Keynote Addresses come into play. Without them Canada would be tops. Has any other individaul received as many honours from Canada – or any other country?


  3. Oh, one more thing: Just one honour from Uganda?!! That’d be the commemorative stamps issued at the Imam’s Golden Jubilee. They were all of his institutional investments – and rightly so; I doubt if HH would agree to his face going on a stamp. Just one honour from Uganda?!! I am sure GoU are taking notice!


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