IIS Scholar Prof. Eric Ormsby receives World Book Award of the Islamic Republic of Iran

TIIS Scholar Prof. Eric Ormsby receives World Book Award of the Islamic Republic of Iranhe translator of Nasir Khusraw’s Jami al-Hikmatayn; ‘Between Reason and Revelation’ said: “Political concerns was the major cause his translation has failed to be received well in the Europe.

IBNA: Speaking with IBNA here in Tehran hours before receiving his World Book Award of the Islamic Republic of Iran for his grand English translation of Nasir Khusraw’s ‘Jami al-Hikmatayn’ which was published in 2012 under the title ‘Between Reason and Revelation: Twin Wisdoms Reconciled’, Prof. Eric Ormsby said he was sorry that his work did not receive the feedback he expected in London as a result of certain political considerations.

However, he asserted that the book’s higher level subject and its complicated discussions was another reason, not many Europeans received the book well after it was published in 2012.

“Some individual scholars reviewed the book and came to me and said how much they admired the book,” he added.

He said he has previously worked on the translation of Nahjolbalagheh into English in previous years. “I think it was the challenge of it; the idea that it wasn’t well-known. And it was important that it had some relevance to problems today,” he said explaining why he chose such a narrow subject to work on.

He said he is also working on the translation of Zad-al Musaferin by the same author which is an encyclopedia of a special character which deals with the most varied questions of a metaphysical and cosmographical nature.

Furthermore, Ekhwãn Alsfã (The Brethren of Sincerity) by a group of Muslim scholars who lived in Basra in the 10th century and wrote an encyclopedia under the Buyans is another work he is working on currently which he hopes to be published in the near future.

Deputy Head of the Department of Academic Research and Publications at the Institute of Ismaili Studies, Professor Eric Ormsby went on to say that he received an email telling him he had won the award for the best world book of the year in Iran.

“I don’t think it is well-known in the world and it has to be publicized more and I had not heard of it before. This is a wonderful idea and it is a great event arranged by Iranians. This is the 21st edition of the award and I have not heard of it at all. I have even asked a number of my Iranian friends and they didn’t know that either,” he said commenting on the World Book of the Year Award.

via Iran Book News Agency (IBNA) – “Islamophobia of Londoners Prevented Reception of My Book”.



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  1. I will qouate only two lines about the three Books Hakeem Nasir Khesrow Qabadiyanee” he narrates in his Dewan:


    — Nasir says “whatever I have written in these Books especially ZADUL MUSAFREEN whatever, I have written in my ideiomic languages are actually principal of creator, if you read tthem on the grave of Aristotal/ Avarse the soil of his grave ud praise me”


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