Socially responsible approaches to global engagement – Dr. Shafik Dharamsi

Socially responsible approaches to global engagement - Dr. Shafik DharamsiReflecting back on this past term, Shafik Dharamsi was certainly the most impactful speaker I have listened to in our GRS course so far. He spoke with a huge emphasis on perspective and constantly reminded us to be aware of who we get our information from and how bias our perspective may be. He emphasized how we live in a world obsessed with “the best” and “the fastest” but are absolutely oblivious to whoever or whatever may be the second best, or second greatest. Aside from this key aspect of his lecture he spoke a lot about development throughout the world and differentiating between volunteering and voluntourism- which is almost all too common these days. Looking back on my notes, Dr. Dharamsi really made me think and brought up a lot of questions for me as he spoke. One key thought I had I will enter below.

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