50th anniversary of Upanga Jamatkhana, Dar-es-salaam

The historic Upanga Jamatkhana in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania, built upon the very site of the Diamond Jubilee of Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III, the 48th hereditary Imam of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims, marked its own golden jubilee in December of 2013.

50th anniversary of Upanga Jamatkhana - Dar Es Salaam

50th anniversary of Upanga Jamatkhana - Dar Es Salaam

On the ground floor of this glorious building remains the original scale used for the 1946 Diamond Jubilee, with a plaque recalling the historic event and placing the importance of this jamatkhana among the most notable of markers in Ismaili history.


Upanga Jamatkhana, Dar es Salaam | Flickr
Upanga Jamatkhana – June/July 2011
Upanga Jamatkhana Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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  1. I thank you for this colourful memory filled pictures. I grew up in Upanga when the jk was not even built and we had the jk in jamatkhana in jamaat flats with a banda roof (during the rainy season season, the rain’s pittar patter would be the backdrop for dua, ginans, and tasbihs. When the upanga jk was being built, it used to be my playground. Once, while running, i stepped on a nail sticking out of piece of wood. I screamed, yanked the wood with the nail out, limped home where my mom applied turmeric and other traditional stuff; I was probably 7, 8 yrs old? And then came of course the water society and nandi days, volunteer days, decoration days and changing the light bulbs that you see in the picture (nearly lost my life there when the rope on which i was dangling on was inadvertently let go. Surounding the jk, we had all the abaads – diamond, amina, sadraa, aliyaa etc. Those were the days and i say yams to all my friends, and the jamaat. Inshallah, I will get to see it again. saalgirah mubaarak!


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