Ismaili Center Dushanbe | From the Heartlands to the Steppe Lands

Yesterday we went out to the Ismaili Center in Dushanbe. The Ismaili center, while welcoming of denominations of many faiths, center primarily on Ismaili Shi’ism.

Ismaili Center Dushanbe | From the Heartlands to the Steppe Lands

I don’t have my notes, and my internet is too shoddy to do the proper research, so I won’t explain here what makes Ismaili Shi’ism different from other sects of Shi’ism, although I will note that they are a religious minority in Tajikistan, despite a strong presence in the Pamir regions of the country.

While it turned out that I probably could have taken a bit more time while leaving my house, we drove out to the center around 9:45.

The Center itself proved to be rather interesting, despite the fact that our tour guide spoke (whispered, really) a mixture of Tajik and Russian, making her more than a bit hard to follow. While we weren’t allowed to take pictures in much of the center (such as their beautiful worship space), I managed to get a few pictures that might give you an idea of the Center.

Read at the source: – From the Heartlands to the Steppe Lands.

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Photostream: Ismaili Center Dushanbe

Ismaili Center Dushanbe: The bridge between East and West

Flickr: Ismaili Center Dushanbe

The Ismaili Center, Dushanbe, Tajikistan – Night-time

Dushanbe Ismaili Center Photos

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