Poem: Inspired by the Navroz Spring, by Nadim Pabani

Inspired by the Navroz Spring

Nadim Pabani

Inspired by the Navroz Spring,

An ode for Imam-e-Zaman we sing.

Seeing the birds outside take flight,

Line by line we begin to write.

So now we wish to begin this rhyme,

For the Master of the Age and Time

To glorify your Light that shines,

We are moved to write each line.

But how can human language

Begin to describe, begin to capture, begin to give justice to your greatness,

To quote the words of the Prophet, a Muslim void of love for Ali is faithless.

But this Murid will try his very best,

To help others realise that you are the Light of the East and West,

You refrain from seeking worldly might,

Even though, this is your God given right.

A King without a Kingdom,

An Emperor without a State,

al-Mustafa (Muhammad the ‘Chosen’) the City of Knowledge,

And my Lord Ali, thou art the Gate.

So how worthless is this worldly power,

when day by day we approach the Hour,

We seek to behold your luminous reality,

For you are the Light of both Ali and Nabi.

Guiding your believers on their journey through life,

Showering them with blessings through struggle and their strife.

How can we repay Our Beloved Imam?

Who’s guidance and Rahma (mercy) keeps us from harm.

We know that we will never be free,

Until we see the Light of Mawla Murtaza Ali.

About the author: Nadim Pabani, a resident of London, UK, obtained his Undergraduate Bachelor of Laws with Honours Degree from City University, London in Law and Property Valuation (LLB). Currently he is studying at The University of Edinburgh for a Masters as part of the MSc in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. His interests lie in the fields of Islamic (and more specifically Ismaili) History, Philosophy and Theology. His Masters Dissertation will involve a comparative study of the Fatimid and Alamut conceptions of the Qaim and Qiyamah with particular reference to the works of Nasir-i Khusraw, Nasir al-Din al-Tusi and Hasan Mahmud, in order to explain the shift in doctrine between these two distinct phases of Nizari Ismaili history.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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