Former Arusha residents attend 50th birthday party bash!

You simply cannot keep former Arusha residents from loving their former northern Tanzania community!

Although they have been away from Arusha for more than half a century, they still admire and fondly talk about their community.

They were in Toronto to attend the first ever reunion of Arusha residents. And as soon as the first party was over, the “special group” moved to another celebration where they had a blast!

Toronto hosted the second re-union party early this month.

This special group was made up of former classmates who once attended Meru Primary School and Arusha and Meru Secondary Schools in Arusha. This party was attended by classmates from Burundi, Portugal, USA and rest of Canada.

Narmin Parpia had a superb time.  “I had the great time,” she said. “Meeting everyone after all these years was great. I enjoyed walking down the memory lane.”

Zahir Rajan of Houston, Texas, even paid premium cash to extend his stay for few more hours! “I was the only one from Africa, but it did not matter where we came from,” said Anar Kanji of Bujumbura. “It was wonderful.”

This event was organized by Shelina Govindji at her residence. It started with lunch and was followed by a grand gala dinner at African themed farm a few miles north of Toronto. The group had dinner, followed by dance and cut cutting ceremony. The group also attended the final picnic/barbeque party at a friend of Arusha .

“The re-union was excellent,” said Alnoor Bhanji from Portugal. “We have to keep this group going.”

People involved in the organization of this reunion included Shelina Govindji assisted by Imi Hashmani , Riyaz Hussein , Naazlin Jamal and Shafiq Dhalwani. Financial support was provided by Alnoor Bhanji and Alnoor Nanji. The group has resolved to take the re-union to next level of strengthening relationships and forming a network group. The group appointed Yasmin Kanji as a new chair and resolved to meet again in Calgary, Alberta in three years time.

(Submitted by Amin Maherali / Sultan Jessa)

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

11 thoughts

  1. Talk about picking up where we left off some 38 years ago! If only you were there…

    This was, for the most part, an “arusha classmate reunion” as opposed to a 50th birthday bash, the latter was a coincidence…


  2. I recognize the lady in blue.. (the first picture… where everyone is in a blue t-shirt). WHO IS THE LADY WITHOUT THE GLASSES?? I know her :) is that you Nasreen aunty?

    oh!! i am from Arusha as well.. i have been away for almost 15 years now… but my dad still lives in Arusha :)


    1. Three Wonderful Ladies Without Glasses – As we knew them – Anar Keshavjee, Shahin Madat and Yasmin Jamal (Cosata as we knew her) – I’ll tell ya – not Nasreen Aunty – Anyone from the abovementioned?


  3. Wow – would that be Anar Keshavjee whose brother sang ginans at Arusha JK, and the same Anar who resided in Lisbon or thereabouts? Remember her from the flats across from JK.


  4. looking for my classmates from the yrs 1974-1977, arusha meru sec. schoool, arusha tanzania ….. nazlin jamal and altaf kurji??? please email me…


      1. Hello Zahir – are you the same Zahir who used to live next door to Anar Keshavjee? We all used to play cricket with my cousins (Iqbal and Altaf – Paramount Bakery), Altaf Lira and others.




  5. Mubeen

    Hello Mubeen How are you doing , hope you all doing fine , yes this is(Zahir) l did play cricket with Altaf, Iqbal and others .


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