Music Composer and Artist: Enoo

**NEW** Added July 11, 2009


Ali Say Tu Hi – with Kamal Taj.

enooOriginally from Chennai, Enoo is a Composer/Arranger/Recording Artist and Engineer by profession but is best known for his music. Enoo, who lives in Denver, is originally from Chennai, India. He is best known for playing soulful Blend Jazz music. Spirituality has always been present in his life, through his mother’s instruction in ragas prescribed scales of classical Indian music and in his family’s tradition of teaching music & being influenced by the classical Carnatic music of Southern India.

enoo-pic1In choosing to pursue music instead of working as a trained engineer, Enoo listened to an inner voice. He found that the spirit in his music soothed him in times of sorrow and shared in his joy when he was happy. After moving to Pakistan at age 14, he began to cultivate a spiritual way of life, tightly interwoven with music.

As a result of the steady musical influence, Enoo received awards for playing the hawaiin guitar (being the ONLY one in Pakistan) and became a well-known “A” Grade artist at Radio Pakistan/PTV/Lollywood.The spiritual, tranquil and prosperous environment permitted him to search for life’s purpose, which, for Enoo, always led back to the sounds of his music.

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  1. New submission by Enoo, posted above as well as it is available for downloaded via mp3


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