Early life of Nasir-i Khusraw

Background to the Ismaili Dawat in the Northern Areas of Pakistan – Early life of Hakim Nasir-i Khusraw and his education – Article by Allamah Nasir al-Nasir Hunzai

Pir Nasir himself has referred to his vast and extensive learning in several places of his Diwan, such as:

Whatever kind of knowledge I heard of
I sat adjacent to its door (to acquire it).
Not any kind of knowledge was left
Of which I did not benefit more or less.

There is an interesting account of his learning in a spurious Sargudhasht (autobiography) attributed to him. In the Sargudhasht there are many things which have nothing to do with Pir Nasir’s life but the description of his education seems to be quite close to what is found in his Diwan.

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About Allamah Nasir al-Nasir Hunzai:
He is the author of over a hundred books related to the esoteric interpretation of the Holy Qur’an. He writes both prose as well as poetry. He is the first person to have a Diwan of poetry in BUrushaski, his mother tongue, and is known as “Baba-i Burushaski” (Father of Burushaski) for his services to that language. He also composes poetry in three other languages: Urdu, Persian and Turkish. His contribution to spiritual science is widely recognised.

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