Ahmednagar India Jamatkhana

Ahmednagar is in Maharashtra (formerly Bombay State)

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Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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  1. Ahmednagar, home of Varas Daya Bhai Velji. Our 48th Imam Sir Sultan Mohomed Shah visited Ahmednagar in 1930s and accepted
    Varas Saheb’s personal Mehmani at his residence. Prince Aly Salman
    Khan visited Ahmednagar in 1940s and enjoyed hunting trip.

    I was born in Ahmednagar and very proud to see the picture, thanks
    to Ismaili Mail.


    1. I am a grandson (maternal side) of Varas Daya Bhai.
      Is it possible for you to let me know of any relatives of Daya Bhai still in Ahmednagar or elsewhere in India.

      Any contact details like email addresses would be highly appreciated. Also any photos of my Nanas, his place of abode etc would be great.

      My contact detail is afaizullah@gmail.com


          1. Apoligize for coming back to this site after such a long time yes I am the son of Gulbanoo Ghulam Haider


          2. Ya Ali Madad YJ My Email address is alhaider7861@yahoo.com, I am the son of Gulbanoo Ghulam Haider.
            Is there a way to connect with any relatives of Daya Varas, I visted AhmedNagar and Dhulia in 1991 and was able to meet Sultan Mama at kaka building.


  2. I spent my Childhood at my Grand mothers home in Ahmed Nager ages ago. it Was a small town than and its a small town now but the memories created will live for ever . I recall a jamat khana that I could see from the Balcony of my Grand parents house, how many families still live in Nager, and can you provide more info on Ismailis there


  3. Ahmednagar my birth place. The strategically historically important place since Nizamshahi. It is a town place surrounded by three big cities, PUNE,AURANGABAD & NASHIK.
    Its the biggest distrct of Maharashtra, the leading producer of Sugarcane.
    It has a unique asset of Tank Museum which is nowhere in India.
    There is a Vehicles Research Development Establishment (VRDE) which certifies every four wheeler before its launching.
    The soiety is a mix of all religions, communities & languages.
    The polite & dynamic workin people are the mascots of the city.
    though not a glamourous place but it has a explosive potential to drive the economy.
    education in the city is at par with the leading cities of state.
    i love Ahmednagar…
    proud to be a Nagarian


  4. Ya Ali Madad we pray and hope that you all are safe and well in these difficult times may Moula protect you and keep you safe.


  5. Ahmednagar Jamatkhana address – I have pinned the verified location on Google maps, you can find it there. It’s one the most beautiful Jamatkhanas.


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