Samiah Razzak: Teen Needs Bone Marrow Transplant


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Samiah on Great Day Houston Show

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  1. This news story about Samiah on Fox must be viewed by all of us. Ironically, her father who was responsible for saving someone else’s daughter finds that his own daughter might die if a suitable bone marrow match cannot be found.

    I wondered whether a North American nationwide wide appeal via Jamatkhana announcements might assist Samiah in this case.

    Then a concerted effort to save Samiah’s life can be coordinated by the US and Canada Ismaili National Councils through the respective Health Boards. The health board’s involvement might help the Marrow Registry (in both countries) to grow, from which Inshallah a suitable match might be found.

    Qualified health professionals in various Jamats could coordinate to collect the necessary data from participating Jamati members.


  2. A note I have received explains that the Razak family has been working with the US council and the Health Boards, and drives are underway across several Jamat Khana in the US with the hope that a suitable donor may be found.

    According to the Fox newscast the Bone Marrow Registry contains a very minute percentage of the immigrant population (2% – and this includes all the immigrant communities and not only South Asians). The greater the participation by South Asians, the better the chances become of finding a corresponding match for Samiah.

    In the meantime our prayers are with Samiah.


  3. Actions speak louder than words

    I have just registered with the bone marrow registry here in canada .

    I hope during the golden jubliee of 2008 , we can make a difference for this muslim girl.

    Our prayers are with Samiah

    Ally Ladak
    2007 Community peace award receipient


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