Hashoo Museum opens in Karachi, Pakistan

Visit it to see old Karachi, a 400-year-old Quran and the crockery of Prince Aga Khan

Hashoo Musuem

Staff Report

KARACHI: The Mukhi Hashoo museum, recently established in a historical building in Lyari town, has opened to the public its historical photos of the city during the 19th century, British era coins, photographs of the Hashoo family and crockery of Prince Aga Khan.

“The basic reason for opening this museum was to not only preserve the antiques of the Hashoo family but also to create awareness among the younger generation about historical Islamic heritage,” said Mumtaz Ali Tajddin, the manager of the museum.

The building that houses the museum is from the 19th century and the birthplace of most of the members of the Hashoo family, according to the manager.


While it was damaged with the passage of the time, it was recently restored by the Hashoo group and most parts have been restored to their original splendor. The renovation work has been going on for the last two years, said Mumtaz Ali.

Mukhi Hashoo Tharwani migrated from Uthal to Karachi with 18 members of his family and some goats in 1853, he purchased this building from Hindu businessman Seth Tarkam Das for Rs 6,000 when the price of 10 grams of gold was only Rs 80. The Hashoo group grew from these humble origins to owning and operating four and five star hotels across Pakistan.

One of the big halls has been used to exhibit the black and white photographs of Karachi, taken between 1843 and 1947. Upstairs coins from the British era are carefully displayed alongside a 400-year-old handwritten Quran, pictures of the Holy Ka’ba and Makkah and antique crockery. The wooden stairs have also been restored to their original style.

“Mukhi Hashoo served humanity,” said Ali, adding that it was open as an experiment and another was planned in another part of the city where foreigners could visit as well.

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Author: ismailimail

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4 thoughts

  1. sounds interesting, imagine a museum in lyari which is notorious for gang warfare. would love to know its location, if anybody knows its address please post it so that we in karachi can at least check it out.


  2. dear maleeha,
    yaa aly madad,
    congratulations to hashoo family, for opening the muesum in lyari,area, in karachi.
    above site very near to LASSI JAMAITKHANA, which is very near to ,MIRAN PIR,LEA MARKET AREA, KARACHI, thou this area is very congusted, hope you wont mis the site, best of luck.


  3. During my stay in Karachi visited the Hashoo Museum. It was sunday morning and the building was locked, even than it gave me a great pleasure that a building named after my great great father is preserved. Many thanks to Sadruddin Hashwani.


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