A.C. Charania – Senior Futurist


Mr. A.C. Charania is Senior Futurist at SpaceWorks Engineering, Inc. (SEI). His areas of expertise include general space system engineering design with a specialization in space commercialization and economic modeling. Other areas of expertise include planetary defense technology and policy issues along with far term technology impact assessment and prioritization.

Examples of projects he has led at SpaceWorks Engineering, Inc. (SEI) include a NASA-funded study to examine the economic development of space using agent-based modeling (including the role of emerging companies in various new markets such as sub-orbital space tourism and International Space Station support), a planetary defense concept using swarms of robotic spacecraft to alter the course of an earth-bound asteroid (the “MADMEN” concept), and a planetary telecommunication network on Mars based upon reflecting signals off of meteor trails in the atmosphere. He has been a NASA Institute of Advanced Concepts (NIAC) fellow for such previous work. In addition to these specific projects, Mr. Charania has performed economic and operations/safety analysis of multiple launch vehicle concepts studies ranging from heavy-lift launch vehicles to military space planes. He has also been involved in analyses and studies related to NASA’s implementation of the President’s Vision for Space Exploration.


Mars Vision: The Surface


This is a visualization of a potential human exploration architecture on the surface of Mars. This video shows the interior of a habitat where future explorers would reside during surface operations. This concept shown here is based upon a human exploration architecture for Mars designed independently in 2007 by SpaceWorks Engineering, Inc. (SEI)


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