Autumn Loc Mela at Hussaini Gojal Hunza


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Cultural Executive Committee for Ismaili Council for Gulmit Gojal along with Golden Jubilee Local Community Executive Committee, Aga Khan Economic Planning, Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board Committee and Wakhi Tajik Cultural Association jointly organized a two days Autumn Loc Mela at Hussaini Gojal Hunza on October 14th – 15th 2007.

The objectives of this Autumn Loc Mela were:

  • To enhance a platform for the community, an understanding of institutions efficiency and developments.
  • To enhance custom values and cultural performance within jurisdiction.
  • To involve the community in a good environmental activities.
  • To enhance Local products and Handicrafts, and encourage the local Artist, Artisan and agriculturalist in their professional life.
  • To enhance a wider awareness and encouragement among the community all walks of life and promote out-of-box thinking.
  • To fill up the generation gap among the community and solution of the issues in the region.

The main aim of this Loc Mela was to promote cultural and celebrate this event as calendar year with the aspect of its Cultural, Economical and Social developments.

A large number of the community form Shishkat, Gulmit, Gulkin, and Passu villages of Gojal Hunza attended the two days activities at Hussaini. Marathon race was against the drug from Gulmit to Hussaini. Exhibition of Local products, Handicrafts, Local Food, and verities of activities were organized by the committees. During the two days programme, Cultural Dances were present by the senior citizens, Tableaus by the school children, women from five villages also participated in the local games. Local Artists and singer buzzed the local songs. The audience enjoyed this event very much.

Source: Asghar Khan

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