CEO of Aga Khan Foundation Syria Aleem Walji joins – the philanthropic arm of Google

From’s official blog ….

In the past few months,’s family has grown exponentially, and we’re pleased to welcome a group of “Nooglers” along with a few “Not-so-New-glers”: Joining our Global Development team are Aleem Walji, John Lyman, Salimah Samji, and Swati Mylavarapu. An anthropologist and urban planner by training, Aleem comes to having served most recently as CEO of the Aga Khan Foundation in Syria. His specific interests lie in rural economic development, employment creation through financial services and entrepreneurship, and forming partnerships with private sector and civil society institutions.

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Author: ismailimail

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One thought

  1. I think it’ll be a turning point in Google to join experts in Global Development because it’ll convert it into global interesting sectors which make it fruitfull .
    What if a CEO like Aleem joined it….
    I hope you succeed in google life and for aleem happiness with his new work.


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