Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN): An Ethical Framework

Prepared for the Aga Khan Development Network by The Institute of Ismaili Studies, 2000.

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Table of contents

  • The AKDN Mandate
  • Din and Dunya
  • The Guidance of the imam
  • Ethical Foundations of AKDN Institutions
    • Ethic of Inclusiveness
    • Ethic of Education and Research
      • The Prophet and Hazrat Ali
      • Early Muslim Scholars
      • The Spirit of Inquiry
    • Ethic of Compassion and Sharing
    • Ethic of Self-reliance
    • Ethic of Respect for Life and Health Care
    • Ethic of Sound Mind
    • Ethic of Sustainable Environment
    • Ethic of Governance

Author: ismailimail

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