I was born to sing Sufiana kalam – Abida Parveen

I do believe that no colour is darker than the colour of Sufi music and no intoxication is stronger. It is as if I was born to sing this.

KARACHI: Daily Times caught up with Abida Parveen ahead of her talk at the Aga Khan University Wednesday to ask her a few questions about her experiences.

Daily Times: Why did you choose to solely sing Sufi kalam?

Abida Parveen: Sufism is the name of a feeling, of a light that is meant as guidance for the whole of humanity to lead it to the correct path. Allah has put this flame into the heart of His creation, so the connection has always existed. The Sufi tradition does not follow the scientific theory that the mind is the ruler of the body, rather it has its own theory that dictates that the heart is king. I am lucky to feel that connection in my heart and that is why I sing the kalam, which is the supreme form of expression for me.

DT: Which other forms of music would you like to sing?

AP: Music is something that I feel very deeply. I am also classically trained and that is why I enjoy all forms of music. But I do believe that no colour is darker than the colour of Sufi music and no intoxication is stronger. It is as if I was born to sing this.

DT: Do you believe in the healing powers of Sufism and spiritualism?

AP: Absolutely. Sufism seeks to enjoin and purify humanity. Once you devote yourself to these concepts, your enthusiasm to help the human race comes out as strong as ever.

DT: You have performed the world over, even in areas where people do not understand that languages you sing in. Does the language barrier ever become a hindrance in the transmission of your message?

AP: Never. Usually in Europe, you find people who don’t understand what I am saying, but the whole experience is so overwhelming for them that they cannot help but let the tears flow. They are so deeply touched by the Sufi words, that even if the time for the performance is 7 pm, they arrive way earlier just to get the feel.

DT: Life has become increasingly complicated, and it seems as if in all the hustle-bustle, people have lost their spiritual connection. What would be your message to those who want to improve their spiritual life?

AP: You will not find Allah anywhere but inside your heart. Delve into yourself, deeper and deeper, until you find Him and re-establish your relationship with Him. He has put the flame in your heart, and it cannot die out until He wills, so even if you feel that you are not finding Him, do not give up your search.

Daily Times

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

16 thoughts

  1. So true. She is not someone ordinary…she is the sufi of the modern times. So brillaint this powerful woman is, I am sure AllahSWT is helping her spread Sufism through her voice.


  2. Abida is a jewel among women. Her voice is capable of inspiring poets, philosophers and other Sufis and her vocal range is vast. She is an unusual singer who combines the very best of the classical hindustani music with the very finest of Sufiana Kalam which makes for a very powerful combination. She is not merely the very finest Hindustani singer today but arguably one of the finest singers in the world as a whole.


  3. ABIDA PARVEEN is great great and great sufi there is non of another sufi like her…………………………………………………….
    and what can i say abut her every body knows what she is she is my teacher
    she teaches me every thing by her kalam


  4. Abida Parveen is a great singer. I love her album Raqs-e-Bismil. Every song is this album is great.

    The best would have been Hasrat Mohani’s Ghazal Roshan Jamal-e-yar
    if it didn’t have one recording flaw. I got the album from Pakistan, download it from several sites, but the problem remains.

    I wonder if it was an error in original recording? If not, does any one have the album without the error? If so please let me know where I can get one. I will be really grateful.


  5. she is smpily GREAT… there are no words for her…. Allah jis ko nawazta hai wohi har dil pe raj karta hai. she is one of them.


  6. Jiten, slightly wrong wordings (if you are using Kalma) and wrong translation (it should be read as NO GOD EXCEPT ALLAH). Although I did get your point you were trying to convey.

    Abida’s vintage performance, probably from her teen years, enjoy. She sung it beautifully and her tears in the end overwhelmed and deluged me.




  8. Abida Parveen’s lifelong devotion to Sufiyana Kalaam has brought to us the best that this tradition has to offer. Peace, love for humanity, respect for divergent views and the quest for reaching a higher being. It is this message that needs to be understood not just in Pakistan, but in countries across the world. And especially so in the Muslim world, which lies today fractured and stagnant for the most part.

    Let us hope that she keeps reiterating her important message for a long time to come, and that as listeners, we are able to learn something from it.


  9. Aslam u allakum
    MAZHAR ALI KHOSO 19,09,2009



  10. very thanks to GOD for give us abida parveen because we like Sufism.and Sufism is only the way to reach the Love of God.


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