Gulgee – The Famous and Celebrated Artist of Pakistan and the Subcontinent

For Gulgee, the famous and celebrated artist of Pakistan and the subcontinent, life has been a journey in more than one sense, giving him thrill and bliss that are both sensuous and ethereal. He has been to many places and done things that are varied and glorious. At the age of 79, though the visits have become fewer, he remains as zestful a traveler in the realm of the intellect and the senses as he was when the journey began quite early in life. In his inward journey, he remains and intrepid and ever curious.

Born in Peshawar, Gulgee went to Aligarh University to study civil engineering and came off with flying colours. His academic achievements in the university broke all past records and the outstanding stature attained remained unsurpassed. Higher studies took him to Columbia University where he completed post-graduate studies with straight �A�s and in record time, too. He was offered a full scholarship for doctoral studies by Harvard University, a recognition that any scholar would be proud of. When he successfully completed the academic spell in Harvard, partition had taken place and Pakistan emerged as an independent country.

Gulgee returned to Pakistan, after a short spell in Sweden, with the ambition to start a career that was close to his heart. It was not as an engineer but as an artist that the heart’s desire could be fulfilled. For a person who had prepared himself for a career that had bright prospects and immense prestige, to aspire to become an artist with an uncertain future was not only unusual but it also made him appear as a maverick.

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  1. His “idealistic veiw of a harmonious and beautiful world, where evil and suffering cannot cast their poisonous and dense shadow”, will be magnified by his ultimate sacrifice and serve as a rebuke to the voices of fanatacism and intolerance. (quote from:Painting in Pakistan by Ijaz ul Hassan


  2. Guljee was a great man. An icon, and an inspiration for muslim youths struggling to understand the great spirituality of their faith. And this has not been an easy endeavor, given the constant struggle we as muslims endure in the face of chaotic politics to define ourselves and our heritage. To look at a Guljee was to understand, with overpowering immediacy and without a wasted syllable, the remarkable richness of our faith,our history, our culture, and our traditions. May God bless his soul.


  3. Guljee, an absolute gem of a person. His art illuminates his ‘greatness’, as was his personality. I had the opportunity to meet him, and not only was a talented painter, but also a radiant conversationist.

    As a painter, that I am, it is a big loss for artists everywhere to have lost such a jewel. Pakistan has lost its’ senior artist, who excuded a lot of warmth, spirit and opened much dialogue with his art.




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