Department of Canadian Heritage Conditional Grants (Foundation) – Global Centre for Pluralism

Department of Canadian Heritage

Conditional Grants (Foundation)

Name of Recipient: Global Centre for Pluralism

Start Date: 2006-07 End Date: perpetual Total Funding: $30M

Description: The Global Centre for Pluralism is a new not-for-profit non-governmental

organization, founded by the Aga Khan Development Network, which will address a global gap

in institutions that advocate pluralism as a foundation for good governance, peace and human


Strategic Outcome:

Canadians express and share their diverse cultural experiences with each other and the


Summary of Annual Plans of Recipient: The Centre has identified medium-term results for

the next 5 to 7 years, including the following:

research on the theory and practice of pluralism will have been conducted, and related

findings, knowledge and new ideas disseminated widely;

teaching, training and awareness-raising material and tools regarding pluralism will have

been developed and used by various organizations around the world;

public advocacy, dialogue and discourse on pluralism, its various facets and its benefits will

have intensified;

international networks on pluralism will have been developed; and

a number of programs and projects will have been carried out and capacity will have been

developed accordingly in selected countries that promote pluralism in practice.

The Centre’s long-term results, over the next ten years, include the concept of pluralism, in all

its dimensions and applications, being better understood, talked about, promoted and embraced

in some parts of the world; and the governance of some states, including respect for human

rights, improving as a consequence of embracing the principles and related practices of


Planned Audit and Evaluation: The Centre will provide corporate plans annually to the Minister

at least two months before the fiscal year begins as well as an annual report approved by its

Board and its members in both official languages of its activities during the year.

URL to Recipient site:

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Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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