New Book | “Outlier Investors: What Successful Investors Do” by Danial Jiwani

Note from Danial Jiwani:
I performed in the top 1% of investors on Wall Street in a year… as a 17-year-old kid … by becoming an Outlier Investor. My strategy works. And it will work for you.

Not that long ago, though, my investment portfolio tanked 50%. I had no clue what I was doing. I was worried how my family would react when I told them that I lost half of my money. I knew that something had to change… but what?

Over the next 36 months, I saw my Apple shares go from $38.00 to $152.55. My Union Pacific shares rallied 40%. And I was outperforming 99% of people on Wall Street.

Unlike Wall Street, I had never studied candle stick charts. I didn’t understand how to interpret 10-Ks. Heck, I didn’t have a degree in investments.

What changed? I became an Outlier Investor. I started doing things differently than everyone else.

Danial Jiwani
Image: Amazon

In this book, you’ll learn the investment principles that Outlier Investors use, including:

  • How Warren Buffett made a $1.5B investment decision in 5 minutes.
  • How “the second layer of competence” allowed Nick Sleep to earn 921% returns by buying Amazon when the dot com bubble burst.
  • The “history strategy” behind Warren Buffett’s iconic Coca-Cola investment.
  • And more

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