Dr Shela Hirani (@ShelaHirani) Received the 2022 YWCA Regina Nutrien Women of Distinction Award for Research, The Sciences, & Technology (Canada)

The YWCA Nutrien Women of Distinction awards recognize women who, through their own initiative, ability and effort, have made exemplary achievements in their fields – women who are outstanding role models because of their goals and the way they have achieved these goals.

On May 28, 2022, the YWCA Regina 2022 Nutrien Women of Distinction Awards were handed out. Dr Shela Hirani was honoured with the 2022 Nutrien Women of Distinction Award by YWCA Regina in the category of Research, The Sciences, & Technology. Dr Hirani was recognized for her research excellence, leadership and breastfeeding advocacy efforts throughout her program of research.

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Dr Hirani is an Associate Professor at the University of Regina, Faculty of Nursing, Canada. She is a true advocate and leader for the health of women and their children. Her research and work in improving access to breastfeeding supports, education and guidance help ensure the health an well-being of all mothers, but especially those who face barriers and gaps in services, like newcomer and refugee, Indigenous and homeless mothers, and gender-diverse parents. She works to challenge gaps in services, dispel myths, and make our entire world more breastfeeding friendly.

She is a world-renowned leader in this work. And during the pandemic, she recognized the gap in services that would impact vulnerable mothers and worked to develop accessible resources to ensure mothers could access the support they need. Her e-resource, “Breastfeeding During COVID-19: An Information Guide” has reached hundreds of mothers in Saskatchewan, Canada. Her research and work have been internationally recognized.

In 2020, Dr Hirani was recognized as one of the World Health Organization’s Top 100 Outstanding Women Nurses and Midwives and Sigma’s Emerging Nurse Researcher and Scholar. Dr Hirani’s world-leading research into breastfeeding and mother-baby wellness from a culturally and socially informed lens is helping bridge gaps and break down barriers in this important area of health care. For Shela, her research is about more than science – it is about uplifting, advocating for, and supporting those who need it most.

Women of Distinction Award in the Category of Research, The Sciences & Technology: This award honours a woman who has made a dedicated pursuit of scientific, technological, and or research-based discoveries. She has made a significant and sustained difference in the Southern Saskatchewan area. She is highly respected in her field and is a sought-after visionary whose approach to her industry and/or program signifies her leadership and critical thinking abilities. She may be a scientist, researcher, senior administrator or a leader (YWCA Regina, 2022).

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