Journey Towards Love and Liberation: Ismaili-Sufi Collection of Devotional Expression | Ayso Milikbekov

Sufī, raise your awareness and see that One Soul at all time,
Then joyfully express yourself in thousand ways at any time.

The “Ismaili-Sufi Collection of Devotional expression: Journey Towards Love and Liberation” is a collection of Ismaili-Sufi or Ismaili and Sufi poetry comprising devotional expression that revolves around love, freedom, light, beauty, troubles, hopes, fears and desires. It represents a personal expression of the joys of life and its beautiful and at times weighty struggles. The book consists of 218 poems that are loosely organized in seven chapters with short and sincere introduction. Inspired by classical Persian Sufi poetry, the book creates its own expression of love by attempting to go beyond the tradition while firmly striving to be rooted in the principles of Ismaili and Sufi teachings. Adorned with classical religio-poetic metaphors and symbolism, the book provides rich devotional material for readers who are enchanted by life in its broadest sense.

To download the book click here!

Ayso Milikbekov is a Tajik poet whose work is available in English, Persian (Dari/Tajik /Shugni) and Russian languages. Ayso is producing a series of poetry books titled “Ismaili-Sufi Series of Devotional Poetry” of which he has completed one book 2021 and is currently working on his second poetry book. The author’s academic background is in Islamic Studies and Humanities, Development, Political Science and International Relations.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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