Nimira’s Blog: Today in history [Oct 6]: Imam Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III, President of the League of Nations, delivered the adjournment session

Imam Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III succeeded as Imam on August 17, 1885 at the age of eight years, leading the Nizari Ismailis as Imam for seventy-two years, longer than any of his predecessors. Imam was particularly concerned with introducing reforms that would transform the Ismaili community into a modern self-sufficient one with high standards of education and welfare.

To meet the needs of the community Imam established networks of schools, health clinics, hospitals, housing societies, insurance companies, and jamatkhanas in East Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Under his leadership, the community entered a period of remarkable progress in health, education, housing, industry, and commerce.

“The tribulations of one people are the tribulations of all. That which weakens one weakens all.”
On October 6, 1937, as President of the League of Nations, Imam Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah delivered the adjournment session.

Imam’s commitment to the Islamic ideals of the brotherhood of humanity, peace among nations, and respect for human dignity inspired him to be involved as a statesman on the world scene, receiving numerous honours by several countries in recognition of his service.

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