Zahra Hemani: “Taariye Tu Taaran-Haar Khudaavand” (Ginan With Music, Lyrics & Translations)

Zahra Hemani (15) recites Pir Sadardin’s ginan Taariye Tu Taaran-Haar Khudaavand. presents this with accompanying music and lyrics with English translations.

This is an elegant ginan by Pir Sadardin with a very simple, powerful and poignant message – Lord, you are the only savior, all worldly relationships and material attachments are of zero significance in the soul’s journey, period.

“Zahra had submitted a beautiful vocals only devotional song Noor-e Ali, along with her 2 friends Ayra and Aleena, to which we published for Imamat Day 2020. We were really impresssed with that song and contacted Zahra’s parents Rahim and Ainun to see if they can get Zahra to recite a ginan with music for us. Zahra kindly agreed and we created a music track for Taariye Tu Taaran-Haar Khudaavand for her”. Source: press release.

Zahra Hemani has loved singing since a very early age and she likes to recite ginans in her Jamatkhana.

Video Source: (YouTube)

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