Peer Naachee Ne – Zaynah & Areez Bhanji (Ginan Garbi With Lyrics & Translations)

Peer Naachee Ne Ka(n)the Geenaan Re Maa (The Pir dances and sings the ginan)

Zaynah and Areez Bhanji sing Pir Shams Sabzwari’s “Peer Naachee Ne” Ginan Garbi. Music composition has been done by Zaynah, guitar accompaniment is by her younger brother Areez.

Zaynah (16) and Areez (15) are both passionate about music and also about high-tech. Pir Shams, a master communicator, used the method of dance in the 14th century to effectively convey his message in that era.

In the present time, we Ismailis have a different and important message of tolerance, compassion and pluralism to spread. And we are living in a world of high speed digital networks, multiple social media platforms and advanced content production techniques that compete for attention of our audiences. Many times, there is no opportunity for consumers of media to even differentiate between truth and fiction.

We have no choice but to compete and prevail along with other like-minded people and communities in this crucial struggle against the forces of retrogression and intolerance. Pir Shams had no problem dancing to deliver his message. We should have no problem to fully harness the tools of modern technology to ensure we completely engage our audience and that our powerful message of love and inclusion reaches every corner of the world. And that is why it is so heartening to see young members of the Jamat like Zaynah and Areez comfortably straddle both the world of technology and devotional music. That should make us all feel very optimistic about our ability to adapt and be effective in the high-tech future because that is where the world is unmistakably headed.

Video Source: (YouTube)

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