“Must Watch, Must Listen” January 2020 Dedicated to Ismaili Volunteer Corps (IVC)

Once a month, releases “Must Watch, Must Listen” recommendations of devotional music produced by our community members as well as what is created in the wider Muslim world. For January 2020, is paying tribute to Ismaili Volunteer Corps.

Recently the Jamat celebrated 100 Years of Ismaili Volunteer Corps (IVC). This month we dedicate our “Must Watch, Must Listen” edition to our volunteers. We will present to the Jamat 9 videos (made by Institutions and Individuals) that honor that deeply ingrained voluntary spirit in our community.

Over these decades the IVC has been transforming from a “Work No Words” institution to an increasing ‘Work and Many Words” way of looking at service. The Jamat has become more successful and self-confident across the world under the leadership of our Imam-e-Zaman and therefore able to better articulate and communicate our enduring core values of service, compassion and sharing. These videos bear witness to this wonderful transformation.

Voluntary service (in the broadest sense of the word) is in our DNA and also the “secret sauce” to the success of our institutions. Let us make that “sauce” even stronger in the next 100 years!

All Work, No WordsOfficial IVC100 Song featuring participation from 41 countries across the world.

IVC Ki Century Aayi Re ft. Bashir Somani and Rohullah Hussain-Zada


OneVoice, OneHeart, OneJamatVolunteers Tribute – The Rajans

The Ismaili Volunteers Corps in Hunza 100 years Celebration Rally

100 YEARS VOLUNTEERS SONG- Vocals: Saleem Lakhani & Rahim NasirkhanProducer: Abdul Merchant

Niyat-e-Khidmat- Singer & Rapper: Firdous Padania (AKA Feddy Fap)

We are volunteers, We serve Mawla! Afghanistan Ismaili Volunteers Dedication Song

Tribute To All Ismaili Volunteers For 100th Year Of Establishment. Khidmatgar Song – Rajab Fidai

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