Book Release: Kabir’s Jacket Has a Thousand Pockets

Kabir'sJacketStep into the crater of East Africa and meet the grain of sand from Sindh. Eat pearls from Indian Ismaili ginans and attend to the True Guru.

Aglow with post-colonial loss, wryly defiant of what they are admitting, the poems in Kabir’s Jacket Has a Thousand Pockets describe a warm estrangement and salty gratitude for being on Earth.  It’s not war-reporting and Ayaz doesn’t solve crimes. He doesn’t have his head in the lion’s mouth. He draws from Kabir’s Bijak, Ghalib, and the oral granth and ginan tradition to plot a lifelong and generational immigration.

Click the link below to purchase this book directly from publisher’s (Mawenzi House) website:

Book Review

“Wisdom poetry has seldom seemed as surprising or sly as it does in the hands of Ayaz Pirani.” –David Rivard


About the Author

Ayaz Pirani was born in Musoma, Tanzania, to parents born in Kapsabet, Kenya, and Tanga, Tanzania. He grew up in Canada and studied Humanities and Writing at Collège Glendon in Toronto and Concordia University in Montreal. At Vermont College of Fine Arts, Pirani was a student of the late Jack Myers. HAPPY YOU ARE HERE (The Word Works, 2016) is his first book. He lives near Monterey, California.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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