Dr. Shamsh Kassim-Lakha of AKDN Conferred Honorary Citizenship of Naryn Oblast as Well as Naryn Town

AKIPRESS.COM – In recognition of the contribution of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) to the social and economic development of Naryn, and his leadership of this effort, Dr. Shamsh Kassim-Lakha, Diplomatic Representative of AKDN was conferred Honorary Citizenship of Naryn Oblast as well as Naryn Town on 30 April in Bishkek.

Dr.Shamsh Lakha

Mr. Amanbay Kayipov, the Governor of Naryn Oblast and Mr. Emilbek Alymkulov, Mayor of Naryn Town along with Mr. Jyrgalbek Botokanov, Chairman of Naryn Town Council presented the honours to Dr. Kassim-Lakha during the Tenir-Too (Naryn) Investment Forum, in the presence of some 400 guests including Members of Parliament, Government officials, social activists, business leaders and artists from Naryn Oblast.

“We are delighted to formally acknowledge the personal attention and contribution of Dr. Shamsh Kassim-Lakha to the development of our Oblast. This honour reflects his vigorous efforts in leading the AKDN towards improving the quality of life of the people and encouraging other development partners from across the country and beyond to support Naryn,” noted Mr. Amanbay Kayipov.

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Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

2 thoughts

  1. Dr Shamsh Kassim Laksha is Pride of our community I am following his hard and selfless work he has been doing for our community.
    I wishes good health happiness and above all serve our beloved Hazir Imam’s Mission.
    REHMAN Jinnah
    Los Angeles
    U S A


  2. Resending the comment on Dr Lakha which I sent earlier in the day.

    Dr. Shamsh Lakha
    Congratulations for the Great Honor. Your Service goes long ways, from Dacca and Karachi.
    You are a Pride of our Community and have made Ismaili Community very Proud.
    Mawla will be proud of you too. Your service and sacrifice is invaluable. I am honored to be your friend

    Wish and Pray for your Good Health, Happiness and Peace.
    with regards,

    taj kothari


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