Exploring ekphrastic poetry with Alnoor Rajan Talwar and Afraaz Mulji @RealisticPoetry @AgaKhanMuseum

This is a poetic form Alnoor Rajan Talwar and Afraaz Mulji  have explored called ekphrastic poetry, based on other people’s art works.



The Chapel

Lurking in the shadows,
our salvation and damnation
our fantasies and dreams
and our fears and hopes
all seem to dissolve into each other
In every aspect of life,
our dreams and nightmares and even the right and wrong
have a fine line of separation
and rather than run from them,
we learn to live with them…
…to be at a point where fear and solace unite,
…where hope and hopelessness converge
and where victory is in the mind of the struggler

It is just another picture that we show ourselves

Every person has a story
and they just want to tell it
People’s brains are a mystery,
but under all the stories
behind all the mysteries, we are just human beings…
…men and women who bleed;
…who sin, who doubt
who have ultra egos;
who need salvation;
who have a conscience
and we need armours
to free us from the shackles of mortality
with even a small magical stroke
on the canvas of possibility
to box us in where reality remains
only an illusion.

Alnoor Rajan Talwar



Through the face of Eternity in the Dances of life exist the sculptures of humanity

Unknowingly wittingly obtuse metaphors swirl in a whirlwind of obedient junctions

Chandeliers swing to and fro in the dense silence of the late afternoon sun

Sparkling crystal refracting refractions of reflecting reflections

Alliterative alliterations conducive conjunctions murky aquatic unfathomable depths

Flight of the flightless bird caged in the sky of limitless flight.

Literal wisdom teeth and the Cosmopolitan brew witch craft and divine inspiration

Strange Oblique patterns angular curvilinear structures jutting through the spaceless breathless monumental moment

Wordless motions concave crescents quantifiable qualitative quintessential quietness

Disrobed garments strewn hitherto unknown blind spaces are available to collaborate with the infinite.


Afraaz Mulji


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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