@AfraazMulji: An Ineffable dialogue?


During his recent visit to Toronto, Canada, 19 year old Afraaz Mulji had the pleasure to stop over at the @Agakhanmuseumtoronto. While his reason to visit was to witness first hand Museum’s new exhibition Emperors & Jewels: Treasures of the Indian Courts, he stumbled upon this rug depicting a garden. This inspired him to write a poem titled: An Ineffable dialogue?

What language is this garden so eloquently articulating?

A chess table is the Center of this most sacred place.

The rules seem to revolve around checkmate.

Our garden is daring to express the ineffable.

How eloquently she dissects the truth.

A poly amorous flirtation of all the flowers as they blush and pour their wondrous scent into the air.

What a joyful expression of love this is.

The entire garden is in dialogue with everything.

It is a response to the trials and tribulations of this existence.

A beautiful antithesis to the mundane and profane existence.

Source: Diwan-I-Bahath (The Diwan of the QUEST). Afraaz is actively working on compiling a diary of his poems titled Diwan-I-Bahath that he will be releasing in the coming months.

AfraazAn architect of sound, a philosopher and a freethinker is the way 19-year old Afraaz Mulji describes himself when asked about his love and passion for music. Born in Tanzania and raised in Canada, Mulji has been fascinated by sound since he was a toddler playing drums on pots and pans at home. His family supported this passion and enrolled him in formal lessons for tabla at the age of three, and piano and theory of music lessons by the age of nine. Now as a young adult, he plays a variety of acoustic instruments such as the piano, organ, drums, tabla, saxophone, and guitar.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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