Healthy tips, suggestions and food recipes for Jamatkhana events

Healthy tips, suggestions and food recipes for Jamatkhana eventsLooking to serve healthy, nutritious meals to the Jamat at your next event? Discover healthy tips, suggestions and recipes to help you plan a delicious and healthy menu.

Given the increasing prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease globally, it is important to provide healthy meal options more often at Jamati events. Large-scale events such as sports tournaments, camps, luncheons, conferences, and cultural/religious celebrations are a permanent feature in our community and therefore, it is important to offer healthier options to support the health of the Jamat, and put into practice healthy eating messages that we disseminate regularly.

Source: the.Ismaili Nutrition Centre

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  1. Thanks you for sharing. Most people are sick due to bad eating habits, fast foods, etc.. I applaud those who have thought of serving healthy meals at all functions, the time of too much spices and curry have to be slowly eliminated, something as Mowla said ‘learn the good from the west’ is so true. We don’t exercise, eat no greens or salads, which has affected many people to become sick. Bravo, hoping to see more greens on all occasions and also to start changing our diet. I applaud the west for their good habits, courage and love the outdoors and connect with nature which ALLAH has built for our own good.


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