Cimone Rajan: Calgary born singer-songwriter

Cimone Rajan: Calgary born singer-songwriterCimone Rajan is a 20 year-old Calgary born singer-songwriter, who is currently completing a Songwriting degree at Berklee College of Music with a Music Technology minor. She started performing and writing music at a young age, with “Thank You” being her first released single.

Cimone grew up in a very musical household, which has greatly contributed to her musicianship as an artist today. Her father, Firdaus Rajan, was a very well known musician in the Ismaili community, releasing geets and ghazals as both a solo artist and as a part of the group, “The Rajans.” Having seen her talent at a young age, her father introduced her to a variety of genres and scouted for performances she could participate in. Along with her musical talent, Cimone is also passionate about visual arts, having painted Gaby Alegro’s EP cover, “Seasons.” She was also cast in “MEMPHIS!” a musical her school had put on, in which she acted, sang, and danced.

Story, coordination for Ismailimail: Irfan Ali (Toronto)

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

4 thoughts

  1. I wonder if she is a part of Rajan’s family originally from Pakistan, Rahman, Firdoes and Qassim Rajan, very well known for their beautiful voices and happen to be a close friends of mine….just wondering..


  2. MashaALLAH !!

    Your DAD FIRDAUS, UNCLE REHMAN (my dear friend) performed & served together @ the GARDEN JAMATKHANA ORCHESTRA in Karachi, PAKISTAN.
    May their SOULS rest in ETERNAL PEACE, ameen.



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