40th anniversary of the Institute of Ismaili Studies: With guest of honour Prince Rahim Aga Khan

40th anniversary of the Institute of Ismaili Studies: With guest of honour Prince Rahim Aga KhanOn 25 November 1977, His Highness the Aga Khan officially inaugurated The Institute of Ismaili Studies. To mark this momentous anniversary, the Board of Governors hosted a celebration for staff, visiting faculty and students on Friday 24 November, with Prince Rahim Aga Khan in attendance. The event celebrated the role of the people who have contributed to developing an academic centre for Ismaili studies, that has had a significant impact on the field of Shi‘i and Ismaili studies in the last 40 years.

During the celebration, Prince Rahim thanked members of staff, for their contributions to the work of the Institute, and their commitment to His Highness’ vision. He remarked that this was a momentous day, where we should reflect on the Institute’s progress and achievements, and celebrate the people who have made this possible. He further commented on how the students are the life blood of the Institute and our future leaders. Reflecting on the formation of IIS, Prince Rahim considered how it was prescient and timely. He said that we have been dealing with the globalisation of the Jamat and its patterns of migration, which has made it even more important to be able to provide the Jamat with authentic, and well-prepared materials to enable an understanding of its history and heritage, and of matters of faith and practice. Prince Rahim noted that IIS is a unique institution which has been breaking new ground and has created something which doesn’t exist elsewhere.

More at the source: http://iis.ac.uk/news/iis-commemorates-its-40th-anniversary-guest-honour-prince-rahim-aga-khan

Photographs: https://the.ismaili/news/institute-studies-celebrates-40-years

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